Breathing Bird flying all over the world

Wouldn’t it be great to hear and see the great song of breathing bird all over the world?

If each country, greater city or regional area would perform their kind of breathing bird outside in natural, rural or urban area to celebrate the power of Life and of the strength of the universe, that gives life on earth its cosmos.

It is a testimony that gives human people a strong feeling of world community and the feeling that everything in the natural world is in harmonic movement.

It is a kind of prayer for a better world, that could be performed by all orchestras and could be casted in animated pictorial way at many screens of underground metros or other public spaces all over the world to transform the inner perceptional constitution of every human being.

The way to produce music und animation of the great song of breathing bird is free, my work is a proposal, that can be used in all kind of creativity.

The condition for using my work is appreciation by respecting the authors rights and paying the authors fee and mentioning the authors name.

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